The new year has arrived.  It is exciting.  The new year always brings the desire for change.  We create resolutions that for most of us will not be honored by February.  However, don’t lose heart.  Change is necessary.  As you know, we have been through a lot this year.  Many of us have faced financial hardships, relationship disasters, illness and many other forms of issues.  But let this day be a day of change.  Instead of new resolutions, begin to make changes in lifestyle.  Lifestyle changes will typically last.  Resolutions are not as realistic because it is based on superficial and impossible desires that cannot be met without an actual plan of action that leads to subtle small changes.

So let today be the first day to be better.  Be a better husband or wife.  Be a better son or daughter.  Be a better steward of your finances.  Be a better steward of your health.  Each of these changes can be accomplished if you put forth a true plan to implement it.  Start by doing small steps towards those goals.  It can happen.  In fact, I am going to show you those awesome steps as well.

If you are truly ready to put forth the effort to make the changes that are going to make you the best you that you can be, then make up in your mind to pursue it.  We will provide the tools for that.  We will talk more about it.  For right now, enjoy your family and friends.  Be ready to work, starting tomorrow.

God Bless!!!

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