Today, I want to share with everyone what Trio Fitness Online is all about. I received a lot of feedback with questions on what it is. It’s a concept that came to being as a result of the hardest experience I ever had in my life. I want to share my story. This is my big announcement. My prayer is that you finally understand why this site came about and how it has become a place of help and encouragement to so many.

In November of 2015, my mother was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. It occurred out of the blue and we were worried. She had never complained of this type of pain before and was balling like a baby on the bed. We got to the hospital and discovered that something was happening to her liver. The doctors couldn’t really figure out what was happening. They had planned surgery to to remove her gallbladder. While I’m not a doctor, something about that plan just didn’t sit well with me. She we opted out of that facility and drove her to a prominent hospital that specialized in a variety of treatments for all kinds of disease. Not having a solid diagnosis from before made it more complicated to deal with the matter.

Finally, we had an answer. The doctor entered the room and informed me that mother was dealing with stage 4 heart failure. The heart was so weak that it could not effectively pump blood to all of the body which was leaving her system without adequate blood supply to function. The kidneys were shutting down at this point and the liver was heading towards the same fate. They told me that it would be better to just set her up on hospice and let her go home and pass away. There was nothing medically that could be done to resolve this matter. I felt a pain that developed so deep within me that it was almost hard to breathe. I was so stunned that I had to try to catch my breath and accept the fact that the day was quickly approaching that I was going to live my life without my best friend.

My brother was not willing to accept the diagnosis and decided that instead of taking her home, we would try one more hospital. This time it would be the hospital that specializes in cardiac care. If these people couldn’t come to a better conclusion, we would just live with the result. Unfortunately, the result was the same. In looking at mom’s numbers, there was just no way that she could survive much longer with a rate like this. I was so crushed. But still on the inside of me, there was this still small voice that made it clear to me on the inside that this does not have to be her fate.

While sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital, my family had gathered to discuss what we would do. I explained to them that the doctors do not see a need to pursue any action because the heart is just too weak to function much longer. They gave mom three weeks to live. But while sitting at the table with my family, a little boy walked by looking right at all of us at the table and began chanting, ”He never fails. He never fails. My Jesus, He never fails.” It was such an encouragement. I never saw where the little angel went. I know that he was enjoying his ice cream cone while walking away. It touched me so much and I just knew that the situation was going to work out.

My faith was strong. The Bible says, ”Faith without works is dead.” You have to act on that faith. So if we desire to see a healing manifest in this situation, we also have to make steps towards ensuring that the healing can begin and not be hindered by poor choices in food. Immediately, I cleaned out the kitchen. We purchased nothing by wholesome vegetables. No fast food or fried foods were allowed in the house. We were determined that we were going to do everything in our power to ensure that her healing would not be hindered.

Mom arrived home from the hospital a little depressed and still in disbelief. However, in my mind I was hoping and praying that her healing would manifest immediately. It took time and I was patient with the process. We have some sleepless nights. Mom’s muscles would tense up and strike her with pain so bad that all she could do is sit in her recliner and scream in pain. There was nothing that could be done to stop those spells. It was an excruciating experience to watch someone suffer and there was nothing you could do to stop it. We all felt so helpless. In those moments, I came so close to encouraging mom to take the offer for hospice. I just hated to see her suffer so badly. But mom refused. Deep down, she did not believe the report of the doctors either.

The hospice coordinator shows up the next day to complete the paperwork for mom to be placed on hospice. Mom refused the service. Her words were, ”Keep the hospice for the people who are dying. I am not dying.” I joined her in her stance and we escorted the coordinator out the door. At that moment, we all made up in our mind, we were going to strengthen ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally. We were doing our best to face the challenge of whatever came our way. We read books on heart care, studied every piece of literature that we could find on heart health. We stayed true to the entire process which included becoming educated about the disease. In addition to education, we committed to implementation of the knowledge that we acquired. The Bible says, ”My people parish for lack of knowledge.” It is true that knowledge is power. Knowledge is truth. Jesus said, ”You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

We committed to this process for the next week. In that time, mom lost a total of 3 pounds. The following week, she experienced the same. She began to enjoy eating some of the healthier foods. By the third week, mom was breathing better, standing upright and was no longer required to use a wheelchair to move around. She was walking. I knew the healing manifestation began when she went to Walmart and walked the entire store without the need for a break. The fourth week came and went and she was only getting better. She went to visit with her cardiologist for an appointment that they did not believe she would live to attend. The entire office was in amazement.

Deliverance from stage 4 heart failure is not normal. The hospital requested to do a case study on her because of the unusual nature of this case. Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to say that mom is still doing well to this day. I plan to have her on one of our conference calls we have scheduled very soon. She will attest to our game plan and how God honors faith and action.

The Trio Fitness Online program was derived from this experience. Following the patterns of knowledge building, faith building and physical fitness all work together to provide you the keys to the abundant life that Jesus promised. I believe that abundant life is ours but we have to have the tools and wisdom to do what is required to achieve that. If you know this is the life you desire and deserve, please take that opportunity to signup for membership. We have numerous programs and services that will be provided to get you to that place. Coaching, motivation and friendship are part of this process as well. We look forward to working with you. Sign up now.

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